Patio and Carport Covers

The same materials are used for the application of either the patio or carport covers, the classification is only based on what sits underneath it, you or your car. We manufacture two different styles of patio & carport covers: insulated and non-insulated. Both units have a built in gutter system.

All support posts and perimeters are made from extruded aluminum with a powder coated finish and a 10-year warranty from baking, blistering, peeling, or rusting. Available colors include white, almond, brown, and clay.

The non-insulated patio & carport cover uses an 8-inch white flat pan system. This system gives you the look of an extended soffit eliminating the area where birds can build nests.

The insulated patio & carport cover uses a 3" SNAP-LOCK foam roof panels. They have a top and bottom layer of .024 aluminum (special order .032) stucco finish in white (almond and clay colors available thru special order).

It is our experience that homeowners wanting a patio cover also foresee room enclosures in their future. So why waste money on a cover too small. We recommend ordering a unit for a patio or deck two feet wider and at least one foot longer out than what is to be covered. Planning ahead and doing it in stages will help those on a budget.