A Word From Our President

In 1982 when my father and previous owner came to work for All-Weather Products Inc I was only just 6 years old. As Dad and the company grew together his passion and enjoyment for the job and this industry filtered down to me.

One of my fondest childhood memories was that of being a go-for on a job site at maybe 10 years old or so. We were on a job site and my father asked me to go to the truck and retrieve an item and bring it to him. I lazily walked to the truck, and lazily walked back to where he was waiting. My father watched me inquisitively the entire time and when I returned to his side, he told me "Jason if a gopher walks from one gopher hole to another he will surely be eaten by the hawk. However, the gopher that runs from one hole to the other will surely survive." "Do you understand?"

Through his guidance it became clear to me that in this industry customer service, hustle and consistency are key ingredients to continued success. My father dedicated himself to providing a secure, upstanding place of employment with a focus on products of quality and installation with integrity. Multiple members of our team here have been with us for over 20+ years and we strive to instill confidence and trust in the customers we encounter and a belief in each other that we are all adhering to that same code.

My intention is to honor the legacy of our 40+ years of history as a company. When I am called upon us to provide a service or a product it will be done with dedication, integrity, and consistency. Although ownership can change, a philosophy of excellence will remain the same.

Jason Feightner

A Word From Our Past President

All-Weather Products Inc was established in February 1979 as a locally owned company. In the beginning, the product line included storm windows, custom storm doors, and aluminum awnings. All-Weather Products provided energy-efficient products for the home.

In 1982, I joined the team as a salesman, and I grew in my position, so did our product line. Patio covers, screen rooms, glass rooms and vinyl replacement windows became staples in our products.

After 16 years with All-Weather Products, I was given the opportunity to purchase the company. My wife, Juanita, and I agreed that we could not pass up this opportunity, and we took the reins in January 1998. We also believed so strongly in the product lines that we honored all warranties made during the previous ownership.

We pride ourselves in having the experience and knowledge to help local contractors order the correct products for their jobs, even when unique and unusual situations arise. If you are looking for ways to enhance your home's efficiency or just creating a new living space, All-Weather Products is a name you can trust.

​Roger Feightner

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